Last week, we took a look at 4 of the 11 Indicators of Wellbeing in relation to children’s mental health and resilience as part of Thursdays Thoughts #thursdaysthoughts. These were : Structure, Parent-Child Relationships, Consequences, Strong Relationships. #childrensresilience. If you missed out, take a look here

This week, we take a look at three more Indicators of Wellbeing that are crucially important for parents to help children develop their resilience : A Powerful Identity, A Sense of Control and A Sense of Belonging.

As you read through them, it would be worth reflecting on how much emphasis you, as parents, put into making sure your children tread the right path. Are you giving them the right guidance and are you aware of those factors that may influence them outside the home? They will develop their own personalities and should be given the “freedom” to do so without doing harm to themselves (at which point you as a parent would step in). A strong faith belief will also define a child’s level of resilience.

Tip Number 5. A Powerful Identity

  • As parents, we are mirrors for our children. We reflect back to them who they are and how much they are valued.
  • Our children’s identities are theirs to choose, as long as they don’t do long-term harm to themselves or others.
  • As parents, we can offer children substitute identities that are just as powerful as the troubling identities they may tumble into.

Tip No 6. A Sense of Control

  • Our children need opportunities to control their own lives and learn the consequences of their actions.
  • Our children’s experiences of control should match their age and ability. Children benefit little, if at all, from being burdened too young with decisions they shouldn’t have to make and can’t make well.
  • If children abuse the control they have, the consequences they suffer should help teach them to act responsibly.
  • Experiences of control give children an edge in life. They help protect children from being taken advantage of by others.
  • It’s good for children to attribute both their successes and failures to themselves when both are true.

Tip Number 7. A Sense of Belonging, Spirituality and Life Purpose


  • Our children need to know they belong in their families, as well as at their schools and in their communities.
  • Our children need parents who will help them shape their values and beliefs.
  • Our children need to believe their lives have a purpose and that their families need them.
  • Our children need to know their culture in order to better understand who they are.

What is APPA’s role in these tips?

Our app, APPA, uses a talking avatar called “Alex” to engage with 12-18 year old children. It’s easy to download and can be used on mobile phones, iPads, laptops, PS4 etc. “Alex” asks questions about all 11 Indicators of Wellness in 6 modules :


  • Resilience
  • Community
  • Peer Relations
  • School
  • Personal Risk
  • Internalising Risk

The results provide measurable outcomes based on what the child’s answers are i.e. an accurate score based on a percentage for EACH indicator. Such a Resilience Score for every Indicator of Wellness is an overview for that individual and is provided in a resilience Report. This exercise is carried out up to 3 times a year which allows the parent and child to develop a picture of where that child is doing very well and where he/she requires additional support.

Next week, we concentrate on two more Indicators of Wellness : Rights & Responsibilities,  Safety & Support.


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